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Our Purpose

Our Values

  • Decolonization 
  • Equity & Inclusivity
  • Respect // ldakát át áwé at yáa awooné a jeex̱ tootee
  • Honoring Generations
  • Vulnerability
  • Lifting each other up // dikéede wooch gax̱toolsháat
  • Healing & Accountability 
  • Intentionality
  • Courage // i gu.aa yáx̱ xʼwán
  • Transformation 

Mission & Vision

We envision a socially just community in a reciprocal, healthy relationship with the land and with each other. Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, we reckon with injustice and commit to healing and liberation, while honoring our interdependence. Together, we are imagining and creating a community free from violence.