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Council and Staff

Visionary Council

Gunalchéesh. Háw’aa. Quyana. Chin’an. Thank you to the Visionary Council:

Cecelia Westman, Chooshdatláa Nicole Anderson, Christina Love, Dáxkílatch Kolene James, Kaasei Naomi Michalsen, Kaatssaawaa Della Cheney, Meryl Connelly-Chew, Talib Westman, Tl’aagunk Renee Culp, Corlé LaForce, A Dayeen Yan Haani David Abad, and Koon Ya Nagoodi Ati Nasiah.

The visionary council is a circle of advisors coming from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to ensure decisions on behalf of the coalition are made through an equitable lens. The goal of this council is to bring together leaders in our community to create opportunities where members can thrive, grow resilient communities, and build sustainable movements. Together, we move forward embracing our whole selves to lead with love.

Thank you to beloved Elders Kaatssaawaa Della Cheney and Kaaxkwhei Leona Santiago as well as co-founder and mentor Dáxkílatch Kolene James for your ongoing support and wisdom. Appreciation to A Dayeen Yan Haani David Abad and Koon Ya Nagoodi Ati Nasiah for your years of deep listening, organizing, and coordinating coalition efforts. We have nurtured important relationships and made new ones as we deepen our work and efforts. Thank you to our partners for co-creating a community of care.


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